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• "Climbing to Good English" for grammar and writing skills

• "Pathway" for reading comprehension and vocabulary development

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Pathway Readers and
Comprehension Workbooks

• available for preschool through eighth grade
• a standard in Christian education for many years for home educators and Christian schools
• all stories, poems and reading selections encourage Godly character and moral values
• utilize a strong phonics approach in early grades
• vocabulary building lessons in all grades
• build good reading comprehension skills
• some grammar in all grades except pre-school
• can be used on their own with their companion workbooks as a comprehensive phonics/literature program or to supplement your chosen curriculum
• The teacher guides/keys are particularly handy in the early grades for checking on phonetic markings. For older grades, allow the students to mark their own work using the keys. The guides save the parent/teacher much time in marking assignments and contain teaching ideas and tips.
• hardcover readers, paperback answer keys and student workbooks
• Pathway readers make a great addition to any library
• These readers do not promote Amish doctrine and are suitable for anyone looking for solid, moral-based literature.

• The Climbing to Good English grammar/writing curriculum complements the Pathway Readers well and is included in our graded language arts kits.

Pre-school/Grade 1 - Beginning to Read Program
• The "Beginning to Read" program is actually the first half of the full 1st Grade Pathway reading curriculum. You can also use it with children of kindergarten age who are eager to learn the alphabet and basics of phonics instruction, taking a full year to complete the lessons. You can use both the "Beginning to Read" program and the "lst Grade Language Arts" kit all in one year for children aged six years and older.
• "Learning Through Sounds" workbook series teaches phonics, colours, matching skills, early reading readiness skills.
• The teacher guides include answers and ideas for using the curriculum effectively.

Grades 1-3
• old fashioned stories of family life on an Amish farm are wholesome and delightful
• workbooks include phonics instruction, vocabulary work, reading comprehension
• as the child's reading ability improves, the books encourage independent learning

Grades 4-8
• short stories, portions from classic literature, poems
• workbooks include assignments developing reading comprehension skills

Sample lessons are available for viewing on this website. Simply click on the grade you are interested in (in the index bar to the left), scroll down on the resulting page to the lessons you wish to view, whether that be for Working With Words, Climbing to Good English, or Pathway Readers.

Climbing to Good English and Pathway Readers combine to make the comprehensive,
easy-to-use program you need.

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