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Grade 8 / 8th Grade

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Our Grade 8 Language Arts Kit utilizes one Pathway reader, workbook, and teacher book; Working With Words workbook and teacher book; and Climbing to Good English workbook, teacher, and practice sheets. Purchase items individually or as a complete kit.

$51.37CAD / $48.57USD - #3208  

Kit Contains:
• Pathway Our Heritage Reader
• Pathway Our Heritage Workbook
• Pathway Our Heritage Teacher
• Pathway Working With Words Workbook 8
• Pathway Working With Words Teacher 8
• Climbing to Good English Level 8 Workbook
• Climbing to Good English Level 8 Practice Sheets

$25.97CAD / $23.97USD - #3519  
This 390 page hardcover textbook and teacher guide is not included in the Grade 8 Language Arts Kit. You will need to purchase it separately.

Purchase items individually or as a complete kit. See descriptions of each individual item below.

8th Grade Language Arts
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Climbing to Good English
By: SchoolAid
We have combined the seventh and eighth grades in much the same way as the fifth and sixth with enough lessons, unit tests and end-of-term tests to provide for 3 lessons per week. Practice sheets can fill out the week to five lessons or for homework.

Climbing to Good English 8 is the last book in this eight-book series and ties together loose ends other curriculums deal with farther on. This should in no way hinder the student who chooses to continue his formal education. It may, in fact, help him even more. Students reach the level where they are expected to rely on their own resources most of the time. Of course this greatly depends on the kind of foundation students have been given, and whether they have been taught to help themselves. Detailed teacher instructions in the annotated teacher's edition guide you in having the pupils take the initiative.

After a few review lessons, the basic grammar is reinforced and new concepts added. The emphasis on composition is strengthened, since effective writing is our major goal in teaching English.


• Paraphrasing/Summarizing
• Writing Summaries
• Taking & Organizing Notes
• Writing Your Report
• Outline Form for Study
• Letter Form and Quality
• Business Letters
• Everyday Letters
• Poetic Figures of Speech
• Writing Short Verse
• Writing Longer Poems
• Improving Writing Style
• Use Phrases to Save Words
• Phrases and Clauses
• More Word-Saving Tricks
• Variety In Sentences
• Common Pitfalls of Writers
• Story Writing with Dialogue
• Live writing
• Writing with a Flourish
• Good Endings
• Writing Short Stories

• More About Sentences
• Developing Good Paragraphs
• Writing Paragraphs
• Tying Ideas Together
• Connecting Paragraphs
• Revising and Proofreading
• Order In a Paragraph
• Revising and Proofreading

• Capitalization and Punctuation
• Improving Your Vocabulary
• Finding the Right Words
• Writing Numbers
• More About Commas
• Parentheses and Dashes
• Colons and Semicolons
• Quotations

• Identifying Nouns
• Noun Forms
• Subject-Verb Agreement
• Using Nouns as Complements (Direct and Indirect Objects)
• Using Nouns as Subject Complements
• Using Nouns as Appositives and Direct Address
• Using Exact & Vivid Nouns
• Special Problems with Pronouns
• Pronoun Agreement
• Puzzling Pronouns

• Using Adjectives Correctly and Effectively
• Adverbs
• Using Adverbs Correctly and Effectively

• Identifying Verbs
• Verbs In Harder Sentences
• Understanding Verb Forms
• Verb Tense Agreement
• Using Exact & Vivid Verbs
• Verb Usage
• Gerunds
• Complements

• Using Prepositional Phrases Effectively
• Using Prepositions Correctly
• Conjunctions
• More Conjunctions; Interjections

$11.97CAD / $11.87USD - #3517  
• 286 pages

$8.47CAD / $7.47USD - #3518  
• 67 practice lessons

$25.97CAD / $23.97USD
#3519 -  
• shows filled in copies of the student workbook pages
• 170 pages

Pathway Our Heritage Books and Working With Words

Our Heritage Reader, Workbook,
and Teacher Samples Pages

$11.97CAD / $11.47USD
#3035 -  
• 462 pages, 112 stories and poems
• hardcover reader
• interesting, thought provoking situations and characters
• keeps children's interest and focus on the curriculum
• lessons in virtues from the lives of people of faith
• does not promote Amish doctrine and is suitable for anyone looking for solid, moral-based literature
• has "Thinking It Over" questions at the end of the stories and "Word Study" lists

$3.97CAD / $3.87USD
#3036 -  
• 80 pages
• trains the children to work independently with a minimun of teacher assistance
• children should do as much as possible on their own
• contains "Thinking About the Story" questions

$6.87CAD / $6.47USD
#3037 -  
• 80 pages
• shows the workbook pages and the lesson answers
• save time in checking the student's work

Working With Words 8
Workbook and Teacher Sample Pages

$3.97CAD / $3.87USD - #3107  
• 96 pages
• designed to train the children to work independently
• children should do as much as possible on their own
• Working With Words has vocabulary building exercises, word usage practice, adding prefixes and suffixes, review pages, and tests after every 8 lessons

$6.87CAD / $6.47USD - #3108  
• 96 pages
• shows the workbook pages and the lesson answers
• save time in checking the student's work

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