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• "Pathway" for reading comprehension and vocabulary development

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Grade 6 / 6th Grade

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Our Grade 6 Language Arts Kit utilizes one Pathway reader, workbook, and teacher book; Working With Words workbook and teacher book; and Climbing to Good English workbook, teacher, and practice sheets. Purchase items individually or as a complete kit.

$69.97CAD / $56.97USD - #3206  

Kit Contains:
• Pathway Step By Step Reader
• Pathway Step By Step Workbook
• Pathway Step By Step Teacher
• Pathway Working With Words Workbook 6
• Pathway Working With Words Teacher 6
• Climbing to Good English Level 6 Workbook
• Climbing to Good English Level 6 Practice Sheets
Climbing to Good English Level 6 Teacher Manual

Purchase items individually or as a complete kit. See descriptions of each individual item below.

6th Grade Language Arts
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Climbing to Good English
By: SchoolAid
Climbing to Good English Levels 5 and 6 are designed to run parallel in a mixed grade situation if needed with three English classes per week. Use the Practice Sheets the other two days per week, or as needed. Both grades study and discuss the same concepts at the same time. However, sixth grade is generally on a harder level and often has more work. The teacher guide gives clear instructions.

Each unit begins with a composition lesson which encompasses listening, reading, evaluation, taking notes, organizing, building vocabulary, explaining, writing, editing, and rewriting, followed with lessons on grammar, mechanics and word usage.

The students are expected to help themselves do much of the work independently without much teacher help.


• Writing Paragraphs
• Titles
• Studying Poetry
• Personal Narrative
• Descriptive Writing
• Direct Quotations
• Quotation Marks in Titles
• Writing Dialogue
• Summarizing
• Friendly Letters
• Writing Business Letters
• Writing Book Reports
• Writing Reports
• Writing Exposition
• Proofreading

• Dictionary Guide Words
• Dictionary
• Skimming & Summarizing
• Taking Notes and Writing an Outline
• Word Usage

• Composition
• Subjects and Predicates
• Compound Subjects and Predicates
• Simple and Compound Sentences
• Fragments and Run-ons
• Writing Interesting Sentences
• Combining Sentences

• Using Commas
• Periods & More Commas
• Colons and Hyphens
• Underlining
• Capitalization
• Contractions
• Word Division
• Comparisons & Contrasts

• Nouns: Using A and An
• Common & Proper Nouns
• Singular & Plural Nouns
• Possessive Nouns
• Recognizing Pronouns
• Objective Case Pronouns
• Possessive Case Pronouns
• Subject-Verb Agreement
• Practising Pronouns
• Diagramming Pronoun Subjects

• Proper Adjectives
• Diagramming Adjectives
• Predicate Adjectives
• Using Adjectives in Comparison
• Comparing Irregular Adjectives
• Using Adjectives Correctly

• Action Verbs
• Linking Verbs
• Verb Phrases
• Principal Parts of Verbs

• Adverbs and Modifiers
• Parts of Speech
• Double Negatives

• Prepositional Phrases Used as Adjectives
• Prepositional Phrases
• Conjunctions
• Using Whose and Who's Interjections
• Using Prepositions

• Complements
• Direct and Indirect Objects
• Subjective Complements

$9.97CAD / $9.87USD - #3512  
• 248 pages

$6.97CAD / $5.97USD - #3513  
• 68 pages

$25.97CAD / $22.97USD
#3521 -  
• shows filled in copies of the student workbook pages
• 330 pages

Pathway Step By Step Books and Working With Words

Step By Step Reader, Workbook,
and Teacher Samples Pages

$11.97CAD / $11.47USD
#3029 -  
• 413 pages, 84 stories and poems
• hardcover reader
• some stories will relate true-to-life incidents that your students can identify with
• keeps children's interest and focus on the curriculum
• lessons in virtues from the lives of people of faith
• does not promote Amish doctrine and is suitable for anyone looking for solid, moral-based literature
• has "Thinking It Over" questions at the end of the stories and "Word Study" lists

$3.97CAD / $3.87USD
#3030 -  
• 80 pages
• designed to train the children to work independently
• children should do as much as possible on their own
• contains "Thinking About the Story" questions

$6.87CAD / $6.47USD
#3031 -  
• 80 pages
• shows the workbook pages and the lesson answers
• save time in checking the student's work

Working With Words 6
Workbook and Teacher Sample Pages

$3.97CAD / $3.87USD - #3103  
• 96 pages
• designed to train the children to work independently
• children should do as much as possible on their own
• Working With Words has vocabulary building exercises, word usage practice, adding prefixes and suffixes, review pages, and tests after every 8 lessons

$6.87CAD / $6.47USD - #3104  
• 96 pages
• shows the workbook pages and the lesson answers
• save time in checking the student's work

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