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Grade 5 / 5th Grade

Living Together

Excerpt from Living Together
"Thomas the Tyrant"

"Stop that, Star!" shouted Thomas Mast, grabbing the pony's bridle and jerking as hard as he could. The pony tore back and raised his head, trying to free himself from his young master's hold. Even though Thomas was short for his age, he was stronger than most ten-year-old boys and managed to hang onto the bridle until the pony had calmed down. "Whoa, boy," he said in a slightly milder tone of voice. "What's wrong with you this morning? You know better than to start before I'm ready."

Thomas led the pony back to the milk stand. This time Star stood still long enough to let Thomas scramble up on the milk stand, then slide over onto his back. A moment later they were going out the lane and down the road toward the repair shop to get some bolts for Dad.

"Come on, Star!" Thomas said, jerking on the rein. "Get going, if you're in such a hurry." He hit the pony with a strap he held in his hand.

Star broke into an easy gallop, but Thomas wasn't satisfied. Even when the pony was running as fast as he could, Thomas kept hitting him. He had to lower his head to keep the cool breeze from stinging his eyes. Suddenly he felt his hat lifting. He made a grab for it, but he was too late. The wind took it from his head and flung it to the ground.

Sample Pages from the Living Together Workbook

Sample pages from the Living Together Teacher's Guide

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