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• "Climbing to Good English" for grammar and writing skills

• "Pathway" for reading comprehension and vocabulary development

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Grade 4 / 4th Grade

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Our Grade 4 Language Arts Kit utilizes one Pathway reader, workbook, and teacher book, and Climbing to Good English workbook, teacher, and practice sheets. Purchase items individually or as a complete kit.

English in grade four has, to a large extent, moved out of the phonics phase and more deeply into the writing phase of language. This brings with it the many rules included in the mechanics of a language, often called grammar. When we speak of grammar, we speak of rules for capitalization, punctuation, proper sentences, parts of speech, and correct use of words and terms. The study of all of these things helps us to better understand what we read and hear, but is especially necessary to be able to express ourselves clearly. Our goal in English, then, is to better understand and communicate with one another, both in spoken and written language, in the business world as well as in our social life.

Grade 4 / 4th Grade Language Arts Kit
$47.97CAD / $41.97USD - #3204  

Kit Contains:
• Pathway Building Our Lives Reader
• Pathway Building Our Lives Workbook
• Pathway Building Our Lives Teacher
• Climbing to Good English Level 4 Workbook
• Climbing to Good English Level 4 Practice Sheets
• Climbing to Good English Level 4 Teacher

Purchase items individually or as a complete kit. See descriptions of each individual item below.

4th Grade Language Arts
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Climbing to Good English Workbook and Teacher
By: SchoolAid
CLIMBING TO GOOD ENGLISH 4 is designed for three Lessons per week, with each unit having nine Lessons including Unit Reviews and Tests. The practice sheets enable the student to have English daily or to have review on specific topics. Permission is given to reproduce the 68 Practice Sheets on any copy machine. Or, if you prefer, you may purchase additional ready-printed sets for each student.


• Four Kinds of Sentences
• Subjects and predicates
• Key Words in Subject & Predicate
• Building Sentences
• Compound Subject & Predicate
• Synonyms and Antonyms

• Action and Being Verbs
• Adverbs
• Verb Forms
• Singular and Plural Verbs
• Prefixes and Suffixes
• Misused Words
• Choosing the Correct Form
• Irregular Verbs
• Word Usage

• Nouns and Adjectives
• Noun Signals
• Nouns in the Sentence
• Proper Nouns
• Singular and Plural Nouns
• Possessive Nouns
• Pronouns

• The Dictionary
• Table of Contents & Index
• The Encyclopedia

• Descriptive Paragraphs
• Order in a Paragraph
• Proofreading
• Giving Directions
• Direct Quotations
• Book Reports
• Writing Poems
• Dialogue and Stories
• News Stories

• Using Commas
• Prepositions
• Proofreading
• Autobiographies
• Combining Sentences

• The Friendly Letter
• Addressing Envelopes
• Writing Letters

• Grouping Related Ideas
• Writing Outlines
• Finding Information and Writing Notes
• Outlining Your Notes
• Writing Reports

If your child has not had a strong foundation in grammar and writing instruction, we recommend doing Level 3 of Climbing to Good English even if they can handle Level 4 of Pathway.

Climbing to Good English
Level 4 Workbook and Teacher Sample pages

$7.97CAD / $7.47USD - #3507  
• 170 pages

$12.97CAD / $10.97USD - #3509  
• shows filled in copies of the student workbook pages
• 170 pages

$4.27CAD / $3.97USD - #3508  
• 68 pages

Pathway Building Our Lives

Building Our Lives Reader, Workbook, and Teacher
Sample Pages

Building Our Lives Reader
$11.97CAD / $11.47USD
#3023 -  
• 496 page hardback reader
• 43 stories
• some stories will relate true-to-life incidents your students can identify with
• keeps children's interest and focus on the curriculum
• most of the stories teach lessons in virtues with Christian values

Building Our Lives Workbook
$3.97CAD / $3.87USD
#3024 -  
• 88 pages
• designed to train the children to work independently with a minimum of teacher assistance
• "Working with Words, " introduces the new words that appear in the story
• "Thinking about the Story" encourages reading comprehension
• children should be encouraged to do as much as possible on their own

Building Our Lives Teacher Edition
$6.87CAD / $6.47USD
#3025 -  
• shows copies of the children's workbook pages and the lesson answers
• 88 pages

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