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Grade 3 / 3rd Grade

More New Friends

Excerpt from More New Friends
"Two Thankful Girls"

A guessing game was just what the girls needed to take their minds off the heat and hard work. Before long, they were working side by side, their problems of a few minutes ago all forgotten. Even Mom joined the guessing game, making it more fun than ever. Guessing games were always more interesting when Mom helped.

By half past eleven the baskets were all empty and the last apples were on the stove. "It's a little later than I planned to work, but I'm glad we're almost done," Mom said. "While Barbara finished up and washes the dishes, Freda and I will get a quick dinner on the table. I'll send Henry to the field to tell Dad dinner will be ready by the time he gets here."

Tiresome work was forgotten when the family sat down to dinner that day. Even the dish of honey-colored applesauce did not remind Barbara of the hot, tiresome work it had taken to prepare it. After dinner, they sat for a while, talking as they rested. They were still sitting at the table when they heard the sound of buggy wheels on the lane outside.

"It's Grandma," cried Henry in delight.

"Goody, goody," exclaimed Freda. "She hasn't been here for a long time — not since she and Grandpa came home from their trip to Ohio."

Dad went to help Grandma unhitch the horse. A short time later Freda said, "Why, Mom. They are tying the horse without unhitching him. That means she's not going to stay long." Her voice sounded disappointed.

Sample Pages from the More New Friends Workbook

Sample Pages From the More New Friends Teacher Guide

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