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Grade 3 / 3rd Grade

New Friends

Excerpt from New Friends
"Whistle, the Baltimore Oriole"

A flash of bright orange in the elm tree is Whistle, the Baltimore Oriole, coming back from his winter home. He and his mate had gone south for the winter. Now they have come back north, for it is spring. They are both sitting in the elm tree, but Whistle can be seen easier than his mate. She has a dull brown head and back, and a dull orange chest. Whistle has a black head and back and a bright orange chest. On his wings are white stripes. He is a very pretty bird.

Whistle is glad to be back in his northen home. He sings a happy song which sounds like the farmer boy whistling as he plows the field under the elm tree.

Whistle's mate does not have time to sit in the elm tree and sing. She must be busy building the nest. She likes the elm tree, for it's branches hang down and move with the wind. A willow tree would also have been a nice for her nest, but she chose the elm tree.

Whistle sings and watches his mate at work on the nest. She flies to the ground and picks up pieces of milkweed plant. She fastens them to the end of a branch in the tree. She flies to the ground again and returns with a piece of slender bark. She makes many trips, looking for things to use in building her nest. She flies across the road to the barnyard of the farm. She is happy that the farmer has horses, for she likes to use horse hair in her nest.

Sample Pages from the New Friends Workbook

Sample Pages From the New Friends Teacher Guide

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