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Grade 1 / 1st Grade

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English in first grade is more or less an extension of reading and phonics. Phonics helps pupils to read; English helps them to write what they or others will read. In teaching pupils to express themselves in writing, English uses the concepts taught in phonics while adding some of its own.

The Grade One language arts curriculum has two distinct sections:
Beginning to Read, which is a basic introduction to phonics and development of the skills necessary for learning to read
Early Reading books by Pathway and a grammar/writing skills workbook by School Aid, entitled "Climbing to Good English."

The Beginning to Read materials could be used by a kindergarten child (5-year-old) and take most or all of a year to complete. A six or seven-year-old would probably not take a full year to complete this first series. Follow with the Early Reading books as described below.

The Beginning to Read utilizes four student workbooks and two corresponding instruction/answer keys, along with a unique book entitled "Let's Read Pictures."

Pathway Beginning to Read Workbooks
• specially designed for pre-readers
• contain pictures of familiar objects
• designed to train children to work independently

Pathway Teacher's Manuals
• You should not attempt to teach the lessons in the workbooks without the aid of the teacher's manual as some of the student workbook pages will not make any sense without having some valuable information contained in the guide.
• has ideas for games, activities, and extra work
• detailed instructions, plus ideas for extra seat work
• shows copies of the textbook and workbook pages

$42.47CAD / $40.27USD - #3200  

Kit Contains:
• Learning Through Sounds Workbook 1
• Learning Through Sounds Workbook 2
• Learning Through Sounds Teacher Manual
• Helping Yourselves Workbook
• Before We Read Workbook
• Before We Read / First Steps Teacher
• Let's Read Pictures
Purchase items individually or as a complete kit. See descriptions of each individual item below.

Learning Through Sounds Sample Pages

Learning Through Sounds
Workbook #1
$3.97CAD / $3.87USD
#3039 -  
• Instruction on basic phonics sounds
• 80 pages

Learning Through Sounds
Workbook #2
$3.97CAD / $3.87USD
#3040 -  
• Instruction on consonant blends, long vowels, consonant and vowel digraphs, and some dipthongs
• 88 pages

Learning Through Sounds I & II Teacher's Manual
$8.97CAD / $8.47USD #3041  
• 117 pages

Before We Read Sample Pages

$3.97CAD / $3.87USD
#3038 -  
• no instructions in the workbook
• an average preschooler can do the initial lesson

$6.87CAD / $6.47USD
#3007 -  
• 96 pages

$3.97CAD / $3.87USD
#3042 -  
• 88 pages
• designed to be used along with the phonics book, Learning Through Sounds 1
• The first twelve pages are primarily pencil and cut-paste lessons
• there are two pages for each letter of the alphabet
• almost every other page is a cut-and-paste exercise
• no teacher's manual available

$12.97CAD / $11.97USD - #3499  
• develop vocabulary, sequencing and thinking skills, left-to-right progression, visual and auditory discrimination, classification and organization skills, and sentence forming
• large pages with water-colour style illustrations

The Early Reading utilizes three hard bound readers, three student workbooks, and two parent/teacher guides by Pathway, one student Climbing to Good English workbook, and a vowel sounds chart.

Grade 1 / 1st Grade Language Arts Kit
$62.47CAD / $59.57USD - #3201  

Kit Contains:
• Pathway First Steps Reader
• Pathway First Steps Workbook
• Pathway Before We Read / First Steps Teacher
• Pathway Days Go By Reader
• Pathway Days Go By Workbook
• Pathway Days Go By Teacher
• Pathway More Days Go By Reader
• Pathway More Days Go By Workbook
• Pathway More Days Go By Teacher
• Climbing to Good English Level 1 Workbook
• Vowel Sounds Chart

Purchase items individually or as a complete kit. See descriptions of each individual item below.

1st Grade Language Arts
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Climbing To Good English Workbook
By: SchoolAid
Climbing to Good English by SchoolAid is designed to travel hand in hand with Learning through Sounds, but, with some teacher planning, it can be used quite well with other reading and phonics programs. One page is provided for each day of school, starting the fourth or fifth week of the school term. Instructions for working each page are right on the pupil's page. There is no special teacher's edition.


• Phonics skills reinforced
• Penmanship improvement practised
• Alphabetical order taught
• Writing original sentences and paragraphs
• Capitals for names, sentences, and titles practised
• Periods and question marks at ends of sentences taught

• Comprehension emphasized in numerous different activities
• Working with rhyming words, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, compound words, and contractions
• Working with plurals, suffixes, syllables
• Teaching concepts of verbs, nouns, phrases, and sentence order

Climbing to Good English Sample Pages

$7.97CAD / $7.47USD - #3501  
• One page is provided for each day of school
• Instructions are right on the pupil's page
• No special teacher's edition

$2.77CAD / $2.77USD - #1019  
A sturdy laminated reference chart for the wall or ring binder with examples of 24 vowel and "th" sounds and pronunciation symbols. This chart is very helpful with any language arts curriculum and especially when using Climbing to Good English and Pathway workbooks for Levels 1, 2, and 3.

Pathway Grade 1 Readers
• hard bound textbook (reader)
• easy-to-read stories and interesting illustrations
• helps pupils identify with the characters in the story
• makes reading an interesting, exciting, experience

Reader Workbooks
• two pages of exercises per story
• "Working with Words" introduces all the new words which appear in the story
• "Thinking about the Story" helps to improve reading and oral comprehension
• designed to train children to work independently
• focus on English grammar, reading, spelling, writing, thinking skills, and penmanship

First Steps Reader and Workbook Sample Pages

$9.47CAD / $8.97USD
#3001 -  
• 140 pages
• Some stories start with a teacher-read section to grab the student's interest and continue with first grade level reading ability

$3.97USD / $3.87USD - #3002  
• 40 pages

$5.87CAD / $6.47USD - #3007  
• 96 pages

Days Go By Reader and Workbook Sample Pages

$9.47CAD / $8.97USD
#3003 -  
• 158 pages, 23 stories

$3.97CAD / $3.87USD
#3004 -  
• 80 pages

More Days Go By Reader
and Workbook Sample Pages

$9.47CAD / $8.97USD
#3005 -  
• 170 pages, 25 stories

$3.97CAD / $3.87USD
#3006 -  
• 88 pages

$6.87CAD / $6.47USD - #3008  
• 64 pages

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